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The benefits of ECU tuning are mainly:

  • IMPROVED ACCELERATION: Our tuned files are developed and tested on all models in order to improve the acceleration figures and throttle response, the driver immediately notice the increases, in particular at low and mid rpms which are the common range of exercise on road commuting.
  • IMPROVED TORQUE CURVE: All cars are, during development phases, tested on dyno several times to find the best torque curve we can get, so that we can frequently fix original torque curve imperfections. Our goal is to get most linear and stronger engine response possible.
  • OPTIMIZE FUEL CONSUMPTION: We can offer specific calibration to decrease fuel consumption, also torque and power output can benefit from this kind of recalibration. Is really important for us to maintain the same level of anti pollution class, especially in this of application.
  • INCREASED POWER AND TORQUE: We can improve performance figures of your car with a new calibration that increase power delivery of the engine. Below you can find an average prevision of increases:
  1. Natural aspirated engines: increase from 10% to 15% of torque and 8-10% of max power.
  2. Motori turbo-diesel:  increase from 20% to 30% of torque and 15-20% of max power.
  3. Motori turbo benzina:  increase from 20% to 25% of torque and 15-20% of max power.

We remind you that we increase power and torque of your engine only under your specific request and only for motorsport purposes. Traffic laws limits the possible modification of road going cars. We do not assume responsibilities of incorrect use of our tuned files.